The Inspector General’s office relies on Support Services divisions to provide a wide range of services. The Support Services divisions aim to create an environment that promotes efficiency and effectiveness throughout the Inspector General’s office.

The IG’s Support Services divisions include:

Data and Technology

The Data and Technology Division supports IG efforts by implementing tools and innovative data analytic techniques that streamline IG operations and increase the identification of fraud, waste, and abuse in Texas Health and Human Services programs. They use data research, analysis, and analytics to identify, monitor and assess trends and patterns of behavior of providers, clients and retailers participating in HHS programs. The Division consists of five units: Fraud Analytics; Data Intelligence; Data Research; Statistical Analysis; and Data Operations.


The Operations Division is comprised of five core functions: the Integrity Line, which receives allegations of fraud, waste, and abuse and refers them for further investigation or action as appropriate; the Program Integrity Research team, which completes the required state and federal disclosure and screening activities for providers seeking to enroll or re-enroll in Medicaid and other HHS programs; Business Operations and Operations Support, which is responsible for oversight of IG purchasing and contract management, acting as a liaison for facility support, and providing administrative services across the IG; Strategic Operations and Professional Development, which promotes training services, internal policy development and organizational support for all IG divisions; and Finance, which is responsible for overseeing the IG’s budget and reporting Legislative Budget Board performance measures.

Policy and Publications

The Policy and Publications Division coordinates and ensures timely and effective external communication with a variety of stakeholders. It provides outreach and communication with legislators, consumers, family members, managed care organizations, other agencies within the HHS System, and the media, and is the primary division for managing government relations for the IG. The Policy and Publications Division is responsible for analyzing legislation, conducting analysis of program policies, and handling all legislative and media inquiries, and is comprised of three areas: Government Relations, Publications, and Policy.

The IG Integrity Line averaged 3,500 calls per month in the third quarter of fiscal year 2017. The calls averaged 7 and a half minutes.