The Strategy Division includes the Data and Technology (DAT) and Policy, Development and Innovation (PDI) units.
DAT implements tools and innovative data analytic techniques that streamline OIG operations and increase the identification of fraud, waste, and abuse. DAT assesses trends and patterns regarding behavior of providers, clients and retailers participating in Texas Health and Human Services (HHS) programs. DAT consists of four units:

  • Fraud Analytics
  • Data Research & Analysis
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Data Operations

The Policy, Development and Innovation (PDI) unit serves as the health care policy subject matter expert and liaison across the OIG. PDI makes recommendations for contract and policy changes, liquidated damages and corrective action plans that promote program integrity.
PDI performs the following activities in support of the primary tools the OIG uses to conduct its work:

  • Identify and implement innovative practices to advance the OIG’s mission.
  • Support OIG critical projects and other priorities through project management and collaboration.
  • Coordinates within the OIG, Medicaid CHIP Services (MCS), and external stakeholders including Texas MCOs. 
  • Conducts research, policy analysis, writes concise policy documents, and develops and conducts trainings to boost OIG knowledge and application of managed care and other topics.