EBT Trafficking Unit investigators received information from an investigative agency regarding the unauthorized use of more than 100 SNAP cards at a Travis County food truck. OIG investigators determined a restaurant owner bought SNAP cards at 50 cents on the dollar and used the cards to buy items for his business, totaling approximately $42,000 in unauthorized SNAP benefits. This case is being referred to the Travis County District Attorney.

The OIG closed its inaugural managed care transition plan for fiscal year 2019. The OIG has improved its approach, infrastructure, expertise and collaboration in the agency’s work in managed care. The managed care transition plan included details about:

• Recoveries: The plan mapped existing OIG processes in all areas related to recoveries and provided recommendations to improve the integrity of OIG recovery efforts including better system-wide approaches, maximizing organizational efficiencies and improving reporting on recoveries.

The Office of Inspector General published its fourth quarterly report for fiscal year 2019. The report summarizes the excellent work performed by the OIG during the past four quarters.

In effort to streamline and make investigative processes more efficient, the OIG’s Benefits Program Integrity Division has a designated intake unit to screen, prioritize and validate referrals.

The intake unit includes teams of specialized investigators who process referrals created from external sources and data matches. Data matches are a type of referral produced from automated comparisons of client data sets.

The audit objective was to determine whether Medical Transportation Management’s (MTM) performance in selected areas was in accordance with contract requirements.

This OIG advisory outlines how to prevent being the target of fraud or abuse by dental solicitors.

Most dentists follow the rules, but some hire marketers to entice new patients with Medicaid into their offices. A marketer will offer cash or a gift card to a person with Medicaid benefits to see the dentist who hired them. If you receive Medicaid dental benefits, are a legal guardian of a child with Medicaid benefits or know someone who has Medicaid dental benefits, then you may be a target.