Texas Health and Human Services has published the 12th edition of a reference guide for Texas Medicaid and CHIP, commonly known as the Pink Book.

Previously titled "Texas Medicaid and CHIP in Perspective," the "Texas Medicaid and CHIP Reference Guide" serves as an overview of both programs for legislators, state employees and stakeholders.

Staff across HHS helped revise and completely redesign the book to reflect how the programs have evolved. The guide is also more concise, with 15 chapters being reduced to five.

Governor Greg Abbott has announced Dr. Courtney Phillips as the new Executive Commissioner of the Texas Health and Human Services Commission.

Dr. Phillips currently serves as Chief Executive Officer for the Department of Health and Human Services in Nebraska. She will assume the role of Executive Commissioner at HHSC effective October 19, 2018.

“Dr. Phillips’ vast experience in health and human services makes her the ideal person to fill this role," said Governor Abbott.

The Office of Inspector General has released a report that identifies HHS procurement issues raised by multiple audits, reports and investigations over the last five years.

Vendors across the country have been getting fake requests for quotations purporting to be from state agencies, including at least one from the Texas Health and Human Services system.

The fake HHS email came with an attachment that looks like an official document. HHS is working with state and federal authorities to track the source, but in the meantime, vendors who get requests can email HHSC at pcs_cst_hhsc@hhsc.state.tx.us to confirm their legitimacy.

OIG's Inspections Division has issued reports on its inspections of the Electronic Visit Verification program and Medicaid Payments for Deceased Clients.

The Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) report details the inspection of the EVV system to determine how effective it is at verifying that home visits for Medicaid clients occurred and at confirming that home services were provided.

OIG's Audit Division has issued a report on its audit of Driscoll Health Plan's Special Investigative Unit.

The OIG found that Driscoll maintains a contractually required annual SIU fraud, waste, and abuse plan, but needs to improve its SIU function in order to comply with the plan and effectively detect and investigate fraud, waste, and abuse, report reliable information on SIU activities to the OIG, and recover identified overpayments.