OIG's Audit Division has issued a report on its audit of Driscoll Health Plan's Special Investigative Unit.

The OIG found that Driscoll maintains a contractually required annual SIU fraud, waste, and abuse plan, but needs to improve its SIU function in order to comply with the plan and effectively detect and investigate fraud, waste, and abuse, report reliable information on SIU activities to the OIG, and recover identified overpayments.

Governor Greg Abbott has appointed Sylvia Hernandez Kauffman as the Inspector General for Health and Human Services for a term set to expire on February 1, 2019.

Sylvia Hernandez Kauffman of Austin has served as the Principal Deputy Inspector General for Health and Human Services since early 2016. Previously, she served in strategic leadership roles at the Inspector General’s Office and at the Texas Health and Human Services Commission. Kauffman received a Bachelor of Science in computer science from Stanford University and a Master in Public Policy from Harvard University.

On December 12th, the OIG recognized three employees with awards in appreciation of their many years of state service.

45 years - Jeanne Allen, an investigator in the General Investigations division in Arlington.

25 years - Ray Acuna, an investigator in the Medicaid Program Integrity division in Austin.

20 years - Toshuawa Woodson, an investigator in the Chief Counsel's Litigation section in Austin.

The OIG is proud to acknowledge these employees and their dedication to public service.

The IG Audit Division has issued an informational report on the role of pharmacy benefit managers in delivering Medicaid and CHIP pharmacy benefits to managed care members.

PBMs are a central element within a complex system involving multiple functions and components necessary to deliver pharmacy services to Medicaid and CHIP managed care members. This report describes and discusses these functions and components, responsibilities for related performance and oversight, and how the functions and components interact with each other to deliver pharmacy services.

FEMA warns of scams

November 1, 2017

The Federal Emergency Management Agency is warning people to be vigilant about potential scammers and con artists in the wake of recent natural disasters, including Hurricane Harvey.

FEMA has issued an alert warning people to be aware of “suspicious activity or potential fraud from scam artists, identity thieves and other criminals attempting to defraud the government.”

In some instances, people are applying for FEMA benefits using identities stolen from residents of areas hit by the storms.

The IG Inspections Division has issued a report on its inspection of procedures to maximize recovery of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program overpayments through the Treasury Offset Program.

The inspection focused on two objectives: Assessing the effectiveness of procedures used to maximize the accuracy of data submitted to the U.S. Department of the Treasury Treasury Offset Program (TOP), and determine if errors in data submitted to the TOP are effectively resolved and resubmitted.