March 16, 2020

Our fraud hotline answered 6,931 calls in the first quarter of fiscal year 2020. A total of 7,449 calls were received, which is an answer rate of 93 percent.  The average wait time for callers was 18 seconds. Once answered, calls averaged 6 minutes and 7 seconds to complete.

Fraud hotline staff sent 1,478 reports from those calls for further investigation or action to the appropriate OIG division. Another 938 callers were referred to another area in Texas Health and Human Services, another state agency or to another entity that could better address their concerns. Below is a breakdown of the types of referrals made by the hotline during the first quarter:

You can report suspected benefits fraud or misuse by calling 800-436-6184 or use our new web address

OIG Fraud Hotline referrals Quarter 1 FY 2020
Referral type Q1 Totals
Recipients of Medicaid or SNAP 87%
Mediciad providers 9%
State employee / contractor 2%
Retailer 1%
TANF / SNAP / WIC recipients 1%