January 9, 2020

This report summarizes a series of reports on non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) services in managed transportation organizations (MTOs). As result of four audits conducted by the OIG, the MTOs have already taken corrective actions to address the relevant issues. The OIG observed that, in general, MTOs:

  • Provided transportation services to members for selected transportation encounters.
  • Did not always use the standard Driver’s Log or ITP Service Record forms that had complete information.
  • Encountered challenges in efficiently and effectively managing complaints, accidents, and incidents, and monitoring of transportation providers.

The OIG Audit Division offered recommendations to MCS that, if implemented, may result in improving efficiencies in processing transportation claims, reduce administrative burdens and improve MCS and MTOs’ ability to accurately and effectively monitor transportation provider performance and related corrective action plans.  To read the report, click here.