Message to hospital stakeholders:

Dear Stakeholder,

The Health and Human Services Commission is committed to fostering transparency, responsiveness, and positive provider relationships.  As such, and in response to recent communications with some of our hospital association stakeholders, the Inspector General (IG), with stakeholder input, is updating its DRG review process so that it complies fully with federal coding guidelines. 

During the pendency of the updating process, only hospital utilization reviews for medical necessity and quality will be conducted.  Additionally, the IG will offer an opportunity for hospitals to request a re-review of claims that were the subject of an IG DRG Change Notification letter dated September 1, 2015, or later.

We will disseminate soon more information related to timelines, the process for DRG reviews, and the submission of re-reviews.  In the interim, the IG will continue its efforts to increase opportunities for stakeholders to provide further input and feedback.  We appreciate the efforts of the stakeholder groups that have been working with the IG over the past several months to strengthen our application of federal coding guidelines. We look forward to further collaboration to develop strategies to root out fraud, waste, and abuse in the Texas Medicaid System.

Thank you,

OIG Audit Division

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