Audit and Inspections Division

Audit recoveries for fiscal year 2020 3rd quarter. Quarter 1: $218,362. Quarter 2: $165,482. Quarter 3: $646,633. Quarter 4: $589,550.

The Audit and Inspections Division includes the Audit and Inspections sections.

Audit conducts risk-based audits related to the accuracy of medical provider payments; the performance of HHS agency contractors; and programs, functions, processes, and systems within the HHS system. Protocols of provider audits are periodically published on the Resources page on the OIG’s website.

Inspections conducts inspections of HHS programs, systems, and functions.

Note: Final audit reports are posted to the IG website when issued. These reports are subject to appeal upon timely, written, proper requests for appeal, as provided for in rule. These final audit reports are public records and remain posted on the website during and after an appeal.

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