OIG updates provider deadlines, educates applicants

Navigating the challenges of working through uncertain times includes assisting our stakeholders, collaborators and clients. At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the OIG realized the added pressures on health care providers and adjusted a variety of their reporting deadlines. Our teams continue working carefully to ensure minimal impact to audit clients whenever possible. The OIG works closely with all audit clients to extend response times when needed. Texas providers and managed care organizations are encouraged to visit the OIG COVID-19 webpage on a regular basis to find all the relevant notices and deadlines. Click here for the list of deadline extensions.

As business closures due to COVID-19 drove an increase in benefit applications, the OIG produced web content to further educate applicants and recipients on the appropriate use of Medicaid, SNAP and Temporary Assistance to Needy Families benefits. The fraud prevention initiative included electronic resources to provide clients with tips on how to properly apply for benefits with accurate information, examples of misusing benefits, and contact information for reporting suspected fraud. Information for SNAP retailers was included to help prevent trafficking and promote an understanding of the appropriate use of SNAP benefits when purchasing food. The new guides are available in English and Spanish; they are posted on the OIG website’s resources page.

Throughout the course of the pandemic, the OIG continues to adapt to events and take action to support health care delivery in Texas.