OIG updates audit and inspections plan

The OIG has updated its Rolling Audit and Inspections Plan for fiscal year 2021, which outlines potential audit and inspections areas and topics.

The OIG Audit and Inspections Division conducts a continuous risk assessment to identify potential topics for inclusion in its Rolling Audit and Inspections Plan. Potential audit and inspections topics consist of programs, services, providers and contractors with an elevated potential for fraud, waste and abuse.

In response to continuously changing risks and an evolving environment and to accommodate requests for audit and inspections services, projects are updated periodically. They are planned and initiated based on current priorities and staff availability.

Among the Texas Health and Human Services (HHS) audit topics for the fiscal year are:

  • Licensing of home health agencies
  • Inpatient psychiatric hospitalization
  • Telecommunications (including telemedicine and telehealth)

Contractor audit topics include:

  • Managed Care Organization Special Investigative Units 
  • Home-delivered meals program
  • Selected HHS substance abuse contracts

Provider audits include:

  • Emergency ambulance services
  • Selected Vendor Drug Program providers
  • Selected Durable Medical Equipment providers

Inspection topics include:

  • Controls related to Electronic Benefits Transfer cards
  • Electronic visit verification contractor performance
  • Oversight of nursing facility staffing levels

You can read the full list of planned topics, including information technology audits, in the Rolling Audit and Inspections Plan.