OIG makes recommendations to treatment facility

The OIG conducted an audit of Homeward Bound, Inc., a substance use disorder treatment facility under contract with the Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHS). The objective was to determine whether client eligibility determinations, treatment stays, discharge events and corresponding paid claims to Homeward Bound’s Dallas facilities for detoxification, intensive residential and HIV residential services were processed in accordance with rules, guidelines and applicable requirements.

Homeward Bound was paid a total amount of $1,655,548 by HHS in 2019 for services evaluated in this audit. The audit found that Homeward Bound ensured clients met eligibility requirements for its substance use disorder programs, including verifying that clients met financial requirements. The provider also conducted initial screenings and assessments, developed treatment plans for clients and maintained records to support its claims.

However, the audit recommend Homeward Bound strengthen controls related to its HIV and residential detox programs because it did not meet certain requirements related to treatment plan execution and discharge planning and follow-up. Specifically, (a) for 19 of 57 clients in detoxification, Homeward Bound could not provide documentation that required individual counseling sessions were provided or attempted for clients each day; (b) for all 20 clients tested that required co-infection counseling, Homeward Bound did not provide the two hours of counseling each month as required; and (c) for a sample of 113 individual episodes of care: follow-up to referrals were not documented for 35 episodes, follow-up was not documented or was not completed within the required timeframe for 52, and discharge summaries were not documented or were not completed within the required timeframe for 19.

Providing and documenting discharge and referral follow up services aid clients in successful long-term sobriety and mitigates the risk of clients relapsing. OIG Audit offered recommendations to Homeward Bound, which, if implemented, will correct deficiencies in compliance with Texas Administrative Code and contractual requirements.

Read the full report on the OIG website.