OIG inspection focuses on SSLC hiring and training

State Supported Living Centers (SSLCs) provide around-the-clock, campus-based services to nearly 3,000 residents with intellectual and developmental disabilities in 13 facilities across Texas.

OIG Inspections completed an inspection to review the processes used by Austin SSLC for hiring and training direct support professionals. The inspection objectives were to determine whether Austin SSLC, with the assistance of HHSC-HR, hires and trains direct support professionals in accordance with Texas Administrative Code requirements. Thirty direct support professionals were selected for testing.

OIG Inspections concluded that HHSC-HR usually documented the results of the due diligence checks prior to the first day of employment of direct support professionals, and Austin SSLC usually documented the completed training of direct support professionals.

However, there were two instances in which HHSC-HR did not comply with Texas Administrative Code due diligence check requirements and two instances in which Austin SSLC did not document completed training to comply with Texas Administrative Code training requirements. Policies and procedures for background checks and training should be improved to help ensure direct support professionals meet all Texas Administrative Code requirements for due diligence checks and training.

OIG Inspections offered opportunities for improvement to Austin SSLC and HHSC-HR, which, if implemented, will correct deficiencies in documentation and provide evidence of compliance with Texas Administrative Code requirements for due diligence checks and training.

Read the full inspection report for more information.