Featured News

The OIG conducted an audit of LogistiCare Solutions, a Texas Medicaid managed transportation organization, to determine if it met contract requirements.

Our Medicaid Program Integrity (MPI) team recovered $46,121,529 in fiscal year 2019.

A former Texas mayor and two others associated with a health care company were found guilty in November for their roles in a $150 million health care fraud scheme.

The OIG has taken an increasingly data-driven approach to fighting wrongdoing in Medicaid delivery.

The OIG completed an audit of the statewide financial impact of therapy practices at long-term care nursing facilities for fiscal year 2017.

An OIG fraud detection operation (FDO) uncovered potential illegal dental solicitation among Medicaid providers.

The OIG has released the next audit in its series looking into service coordination for STAR+PLUS Level 1 members.

The OIG’s Benefits Program Integrity Division resolved a case in which a client repeatedly failed to report an income-earning family member.

The OIG conducted an audit of MCNA Insurance Company, a Texas Medicaid and CHIP Dental Maintenance Organization (DMO).

In fiscal year 2019, the OIG developed a fraud, waste and abuse (FWA) prevention strategy focused on raising awareness of FWA and educating three audiences: Medicaid providers, Medicaid clients, and HHS staff.